image/illustration of hardware in underwater environment

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Job Description

My company develops specialized underwater wireless acoustic communication systems. We need to create a graphic image / artist’s concept of our hardware in an underwater situation to be used in a product brochure and a PowerPoint presentation.

Our systems are battery-powered and are typically placed near the seabed, or in the water column, and are connected to various types of sensors. Data is measured periodically and then communicated acoustically to multiple units that are usually attached by anchors to the seabed, and to buoys that are on the surface. The units can also be on a ship, or an underwater robot, and have a communication system that allows users to collect data from underwater operations. This equipment is used by oceanographers and also the oil and gas industry.

A lower quality image of this can be found at:

A better quality image of underwater equipment is:

Another example of the kind of image & acceptable quality is:

A top quality image, likely too detailed for this project: (Marlim or Pazflor)

We would like to create a similar image that shows a number of our units, imposed on images such as these, as if they were part of the scene. The attached file gives an idea. We cannot use any of these stock images, since they are copyrighted. We need an illustrator who can create a seabed, and sea surface as viewed from underwater, and create a scene such as a scuba diver might see.

Specific shapes and dimensions can be provided. This project may lead to a few additional images, and/or a 3D underwater world with animation at a later date.

We would be interested to see a portfolio of prior work that speaks to the illustrator's ability to create an image as described.

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