3D scan postprocessing

3D scan postprocessing


Job Description

We can provide perfect candidate with loads of work for very long time. However the 3D scan post processing pipeline is quite unique and require strong artistic and technical skills. Basically, you have to create a realistic sculpt based on the scan data we provide, loosing no volume or detail.
Usually scans require very little work done on them. But sometimes, you have to recreate parts of the scan, that did not work out nicely during scanning process. Please see attached example of the work done.

Applicants will be asked to do a test. We are searching for 2-3 artists, with whom we'd like to form a long term relationship. If you already have an experience of such kind, please apply showing your work.

Scan processing pipeline:
1.Clean the scan, recreate missing parts if needed
2. Retopologize triangular scan mesh with nice quad mesh (qRemeesher and ProjectAll tools in Zbrush)
3. Create UV's
4. Project texture from multiple photos to the model, using software we will provide
5.Clean generated texture map in Mudbox or Bodypaint

Work will be paid based on fixed price per scan.

Please do not apply if you:
1. Don't have powerful enough computer that can handle 3-million polygon models and up to 10k textures.
2. Never used any of the Software mentioned above
3. Not willing to do this work for long time

If you think, you can handle the work and have passion for it, even though you do not posses the skills required at the moment, we can train you to do it.

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