Data Entry Data Mining web research team Needed about 350 hours per month


Job Description

Wanted a dedicated Project Manager and a team for communication
and project updates
Must speak very good english. I do not want to strain to understand you.

Want to receive a report daily.

Want access to you by Email, Mobile and OOVO to address all issues

Looking for a team that will research information on a subscription website
that I will give you the password to. This is a cut and paste as fast as you can go
and virtually no thinking required in this process. Little understanding of
english will be needed.

After extracting the above information you will get more detail on another
subscription website which I will give you access to. After getting the above
information each one will require 2 to 3 minutes to determine if we take that
sheet any further
This person will have to read and understand english very well and put
into a format that is understandable.

Then you will reseach out the phone numbers for the information above on
another subscription website that I will give you access to and this will be
done by a person that understands english very well also.

Then you will send that sheet to me ready to be called.

You will make NO calls your job is to just complete lead sheets in full with
as much detail as possible.

I'm looking to receive 1,500 to 2,000 sheets delivered per month I will pay per completed
sheet filled out.

I personally can do 50 lead sheets per 8 hours of work

please Bid this job accordingly

This contract will last as long as you produce the filled out lead sheets there
is a never ending need.

Skills: research, english