Responsive Website Designer Needed


Job Description

Our company is - we need someone who can take the updated files we have created and develop the .psd files needed so that they can be handed over to an html developer.

You must be able to speak fluent english. You must be able to write fluent english. We would prefer to work with those in the Philippines although open to working with others as well. You must have a website that displays your work - you must have at least 3 solid references we can speak with and must be available to start on this project right away. You should be able to provide us with a list of work that you have done before.

We have two different websites that need to be addressed, the first is and the second is - Both of these sites are following the same format thus whatever work is done on one site can also be applied to the other site. You should be a fast developer and be able to do the work on a low budget. This can turn into a full time position if you are really good. We have a tremendous amount of website work as well as programming for the Android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone and Android Tablet devices.

If you have design skills that would be good as well. We will send you a pdf file that contains roughly 50 pages that need to be added to the website - and then send you another pdf file to be used for the website. Once you finish both of these sites, we have a great deal of work to be done on the website. You should be able to use the images that we have as well as the text we have in the pdf in order to create the website. I would like to get this project underway this weekend and the psd files will be available on monday - unless we can get in touch with our senior level creative director and get .psd files from him.

The skills needed include knowing Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design and other such Adobe products. You must also download an application called Canvas 14 for that is what we are using as to do the mockup. We have the great majority of the artwork already done. We just need for someone to take all of the files we have created in Canvas 14 and turn them into .psd files. Our CEO is going to be able to work very closely with your team. The Canvas application can be downloaded from it is called Canvas 14 and you can get a free download from that site. We use Canvas as the "drawing board" of sort where we store the text, images and work on the layout. It will be your job to go through the Canvas file and then use the content in it to work on the website.

You should be able to start right away. You should speak fluent english. You must have a skype account so we can speak and transfer files back and forth. We can assign you the position here on Odesk - but as for payment the payment must be done in steps - we have been burned way too many times with people asking an upfront payment and then taking the money we provide - not giving a good product back - or worse yet - just vanishing with our money and giving no work whatsoever. You should have a decent rating on odesk and be the person who is actually doing the work. We are not interested in hiring somebody who is merely going to hand the work off to somebody else to do - which is another problem we have had when using odesk over the years. We have probably gone through every known scheme that some people have come up with to get money and not deliver a fair amount of work - hence our absolutely rigid policy on no upfront payment. do yourself and us a favor by not even considering asking for the discussion will end there. (not .com) and - Make sure you visit them both - Make sure you send us a cover letter that very clearly shows your experience. All of the work must be done in a responsive website format meaning that it must look just as good on an iphone, ipad as it does on a desktop or notebook computer.

Please review - we also have a number of files that have to be used on this site as well. Please respond to this job posting with a cover letter to introduce yourself - we are not interested in hiring a company to do this work but instead wish to work directly with the actual developer and most certainly we are not interested in hiring someone who is only going to turn around and hire someone else to do the work.

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