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Job Description

I am just a guy that likes opensprinkler.org's hardware / raspberry pi integration. The demo python scripts are great, but I would like to combine them into a more useful application.

I would like to get the demo programs provided by opensprinkler.org combined and updated to work nicely with a mobile web interface. It will be re-released GPL to the community.

Here are the key requirements:
• combine manual and calendar python code bases into one service that runs at boot. init.d files etc should be included as part of a debian package.
• have web interface that is mobile compatible to turn on and off the sprinkler zones. Same functionality as the ospi_manual.py script today, but make it work on a mobile screen without zooming in and out, and make the buttons show up with customizable names from a config file. For instance Zone 1 = "Front Yard" etc.
• keep the functionality from ospi_gc.py
• keep track of sprinkler zone state across the two functions. If the calendar turns on a zone it should show up as active on the web interface.
• roll it all up in a deb package with dependencies so novice users (well novice users that are OK with command line package installation, not novice users who can't change batteries in their mouse...but I digress....) can install and take advantage of sweet system.
• code should be light weight as it is running on a Pi. The python http socket implementation is fine, but I would like to stay away from Apache etc.

Demo files provided from opensprinkler. A public calendar example is also provided via the code attached.

Use keyword sea shell in application please.

Skills: mobile-application-development, linux

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