Music Video editing for seamless transitions

Music Video editing for seamless transitions


Job Description

This position is a high level music edition and "Danthology" job. As someone from the entertainment industry with years of experience, I am looking for someone who can think outside the box.

We need to be able to take the music videos that we've download from youtube and be able to mix them so that they blend from one song to another. Sometimes cutting out in mid video and then maybe coming back to same song, this way it loops endlessly. Must make sure that the beat isn't lost at all in between tracks.

These clips are played inside a club or inside a limousine while people are partying, so it is important to understand that the energy level of the video must be kept high – there cannot be any low point or fade out.

By merging them, we would like you to have an understanding that certain parts of a song video go together, other parts cannot be removed from a video without causing the essence of the video to be lost: (PIMP) (BLURRED LINES) (AYE LADIES) (PITBULL – INTERNATIONAL LOVE) (MICHAEL JACKSON – MOONWALK) (BIEBER - BOYFRIEND) (RACK CITY)

For example: ROBIN THICKE BLURRED LINES – if you watch this video, you will see that no matter where you cut it, the meaning of the video is not lost, it can be cut up in 10 different cuts, without the listener thinking they have missed anything! All they are doing in the video is walking around and pretty much doing the same lyrics all through.

Compare this to 50 cents, PIMP – this video in effect is a small story of how 50 cent want to join the PIMP club, you must understand that cutting this midway at the wrong time will cause viewers to feel like they have missed something.

Also, please keep in mind the 4-beat and 8-beat rules when mixing these videos so that they release on time with one another – you must be able to blend two songs together and make it sound right! If you do not, the transition between the songs will not be fluid – which will remove the energy from the music.

Also, we would like to be able to insert a transition to our company logo, which will have a nice animation logo and some background graphics. The songs must continue to play while this transition is going on.


Use your imagination, the idea is to keep the excitement up.

The transitions: I have been reviewing many samples in last 24 hours and have not been really happy with any. Take a look at this:

one of the nicest transitions, something we are really looking for is found here:
watch from 12:02 as Justin Bieber sings his song and the way the video almost transitions to Rack City, although it does not make the full transition (which I wish it did) - at 12:12..12:21 you actually see a clip of one video then the other back and forth with a pleasurable mix of the music - this back & forth transitioning would have been wonderful if Rack City had taken over as the next song.

Look at the smooth transitions - it is almost as if you are being tricked in to the transition. I do not want it this quick, but the transition is the smooth & slick.