Need to calculate Future Value of Uneven returns


Job Description

I am looking for someone that understands how to use a financial calculated (10bii). I am a writer for a real estate finance blog and I need someone that I can trust to check my calculations on my future posts.

In order for you to apply for this job, you must be able to solve the below problem...

The situation is as follows...

You have $100,000 in the stock market during the following 4 years 2005-2008
You withdraw $1,200 a month
Here are the annualized (yearly compounded) returns of the stock market during those years:
2005 3%
2006 13.62%
2007 3.55%
2008 (-38.47%)

What do you have invested at the end of each year? What do you have at the end of 2008?

It is important that you must understand how to nominalize the returns and convert them to monthly compounding in order to account for the monthly withdraws, because you are not taking one big withdraw at the beginning or end of the year. It is also important that you know you are not getting your principle back at the end of each year and re=investing it, you are just keeping it invested.

If do not understand the situation, do not apply. If you do, show me that you can calculate this and we can do business together in the future.