Discussion Writer Required URGENT (Experienced Only)

Discussion Writer Required URGENT (Experienced Only)


Job Description

I need URGENT help with 2 discussions.

Part I: Review the lecture notes and view the various videos on MindMaps in Week 3 Documents and Resources. Develop a MindMap of your creative project (the one for this course) with at least three levels of ideas/items. Feel free to add visuals.

Scan or photograph your MindMap and attach it to this discussion forum no later than Sunday midnight.

Part II: Discuss how you might use a MindMap for an organizational project/challenge. There is no need to cite from any of the readings for this forum.

As you review your classmates' MindMaps, perhaps you will uncover new ideas for your own project. If you see something that you feel would add value or support to a fellow classmate, feel free to leave comments.

Part I. Select one item from Play Portfolio (pages 209 – 215) OR Meaning Portfolio (pages 235 - 244) and do it. Tell us what you did and what you discovered.

Part II: Describe 2 ways to enhance "meaning" within your current organization (or one which you are familiar with).

You only need to cite from Pink for this posting. Post no later than Sunday midnight. Review your classmate's postings. This may spark ideas for finding ways to apply these readings to organizational settings. If you feel moved to make comments to others, do so, however, this is not a requirement.

You dont have to make these discussions classy just do enough to make the discussion look good.