Find me a domain for my Social Media company!

Hourly Job
As Needed
Less than 1 week


I'm really disappointed that I have just been outbid on the domain that I'd hoped to use.

I need to find a domain that is suitable for my business that is keyword rich.

It can't be no more than 3 words long.

The domain I wanted to get was which had around 40k hits a month on that search term.

I'm looking for a very comprehensive list of all the domains available out there that you think are suitable. There needs to be at least 10k hits a month on that given term for me to consider it.

I will pay this job by the hour and I will pay 5 hours.  I will pay multiple contractors to do this job... so I'm not going to select one person. I will select about 3. Whoever finds me the right domain from those 3 people I will pay a $50 bonus to.

The domain can be in auctions or for sale. My budget is up to $500 euros for the best domain. Ideally I'd like a free domain, if you can find one that is for free and still worth my time buying I'll give a bigger bonus.

Skills: keyword-research
Skills Required

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