create smallest GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker

create smallest GSM/GPRS/GPS tracker


Job Description

basically, i want to have a pcb designed in the shape of the batman symbol, and i also need someone who can make a GSM/GPRS/GPS out of it. so that means somebody who can tell me what to buy and all the steps necessary to put it together. but here's the trick. i want it to be as big as 2 inches across or less if possible and by 1 inch wide or less if its possible so its portable. ok next step. it needs to be as flat as possible.

basically make it just like this:

but make the pcb and all the electronics into the batman symbol. here is the shape:

if you can, please send a mock-up of it if this is possible. by sending a picture of the mock up it helps me see how well you can see the same image i am seeing.