Video Editor Wanted for Website Content

Video Editor Wanted for Website Content


Job Description

We have 4 clips of raw footage featuring our client talking about sleep apnea related topics.

We'd like the freelancer to:

1. Whittle down the videos down to around 1 minute in length (depending on the cuts made, there could be enough info for a 5th video)

2. Ad a little background music.

3. Cut out the unprofessional, stuttering, or parts.

4. ad a little intro/outro to the clips.

Successful completion of this project will rely upon the editor bringing out the best elements of our raw video, producing a coherent story structure, and making our doctor look like the leading authority on sleep apnea.

We would like an estimate of how long it would take to complete the job. Additional information and specifics of what we'd like cut can be provided upon request.

Thanks for your time.

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