E-Commerce Division Manager: E-Commerce + E-Marketing + Carts + SEO, SMM, PPC etc.


Job Description

Experience Required Please!!! Please be able to supply references for work that you have completed for U.S. based e-tailers. If you do not have EXTENSIVE experience with e-commerce and EXTENSIVE experience with ALL of the e-marketing components required to launch and to maintain and to insure a successful and ongoing e-commerce operation, with verifiable references; please do not apply. This opportunity is for an ongoing division manager on our team in international sales and marketing.

Please be aware that communication skills are a critical requirement and key to success. We are English & Spanish speakers. Language important as well as the ability to connect and work in a virtual atmosphere and get the message understood, the continuity maintained, and the virtual work environment and time zone issues addressed (USA/EST), etc. Getting the CHEMISTRY of the team correct is critical. Be able to support your case in doing this successfully.

1st phase of this project is to develop e-commerce platforms. Shopify, Magento, Volusion, etc. may be considered, based on previous success and our business model. Please have a strong portfolio of projects and references for USA based ecommerce websites and carts.

2nd phase is more important. The position is for a full charge person that can be effective in developing and promoting multi-million dollar sales through a complex web of integrated components for e-commerce and e-marketing.

You should propose a cost effective package of INTEGRATED solutions to enable internet sales for a B to B wholesale distributor of industrial products. Please NOTE that we seek a person able to manage ALL key components of ecommerce, herein described. You should have an overall understanding of said skills, be capable to perform ongoing components, and be able to sub-contract and oversee certain pieces of the job where your skills may not be suitable.

Project scope includes: 1. Organizing Data from vendor catalog and spreadsheet 2. Developing spreadsheet of organized data 3. With clean data, setting up Shopify (SEO) optimized site 4. Integration of Shopify to Quickbooks and/or other order management system to consolidate orders from multiple carts (Stone Edge order manager, etc). 5. Promotion of carts through SMM. 6. Managing PPC campaign & Metrics to gauge ROI. 6. Managing Google analytics. 7. All markets and aggregators to be utilized including Amazon, eBay, Buy.com, etc. 8. OVERALL everything required to gain traction with internet business.

This project is design + development + ongoing improvements, optimizations, ad-word campaign management, etc.

Business target market is primarily B to B with customer base in the Americas. This is not B to C consumer oriented sales.

Please ONLY very experienced persons or firms should apply. You must have a proven track record of developing extremely successful sites with verified references. You must be available for collaboration during USA time (EST) and have conversational English speaking ability.

This project is 2 phases, 1. initial website development and cart setup 2. The more IMPORTANT component: ongoing maintenance, SEO, SMM, and marketing on a continuing basis. This position requires a very responsible manager able to achieve results.

Again please ONLY respond if you have deep experience and proven track record with references that can be verified for previous work. Remote work or onsite (USA). Contract initially then long term engagement for ongoing e-commerce and e-marketing 360 degree support.

We are ready to contract immediately for this project. Thank you for your interest.

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