Aspdotnetstorefront Web Page Design

Aspdotnetstorefront Web Page Design


Job Description


We are currently seeking an individual to create some webpages and XML packages.

Job Requirements:

1. Must be willing to work for a flat rate for each project.
2. You must have a solid understanding of XML and XSLT.
3. Must be independent enough to take on the projects and ask the targeted questions to finish the job. No hand holding.
4. We need a good project manager.
5. Must be willing to make changes on the fly as this is a work in progress.

A few questions for you:

Do you have experience developing e-commerce storefronts on the AspDotNetStorefront platform ?
Do you understand the features of the storefront and how to enable and configure them via AppConfig parameters ?
Are you comfortable translating your web design into an AspDotNetStorefront skin ?
Are you capable of providing deeper AspDotNetStorefront customization via the modification or possibly creation of XML packages ?
Do you have experience working with XML and using XSLT to transform XML documents into other XML or HTML documents?
Do you have experience with relational databases and writing or modifying SQL queries to request data from the database?
Do you understand that in order to streamline AspDotNetStorefront software upgrades and maintenance ChannelAdvisor does not allow changes to the core AspDotNetStorefront source code ? Customization is done via admin configuration, skin related files, and XML packages.

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