Electronic PCB design; from Arduino to final PCB


Job Description


I need the Eagle/Gerber files and the BOM for a custom PCB.

I will give you the schematic of my current prototype, which basically is (see attached):

+ Arduino Mega 2560
+ Arduino Ethernet Shield
+ RTC DS1302 Module
+ 4x 10A/250V Relays

I need you to design a customized PCB from my schematic and the Eagle files of the Arduino boards. You have to remove the not needed parts of the Arduino boards and add the new needed components (relays, RTC and screw terminals). The goal is the get a low production price, and your deliverable are the Eagle files and the BOM.

This is for a live project, further improvements will be necessary, so probably I'll ask more jobs from you.

I'd need the files by next month, so is not urgent. Please give me a price estimation and how long it'll take.

Thank you for reading!

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