Building an Online Spa for your Mind

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Job Description

Hi there,

Lampter LLC, an online startups firm, is seeking to build the world's first "online spa salon," which will allow you to adjust your mood, in 30 minutes or less. Introducing, TranceTop.

Using proven power of well-researched Binaural Beats, the website will help people attain a meditative state. It has to make the user feel comfortable, private, and undisturbed. We're seeking creative ideas about manufacturing various moods - focus, relaxation, concentration, meditation, etc - with people who may know how to use ambient lights, or fractal visuals, etc. This project is more on the side of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT rather than selling us a "facebook fan page" or a "viral mobile app" or a "potentially good smartphone game." We need a fully-immersed experience into the world of trance (both relaxing, and energizing). Think of the feeling you would have at a music festival; we want THAT, in a website, with binaural beats!

New users of this service will get unlimited use for 7 days for free, after which they are billed once every two weeks, at just $1.00 for each 30-minute session.

Using some of the users' private information, Lampter will remind them of their progress, which will be tracked by Lampter. All of this information will be available under a password-protected user interface.

So, this is NOT about building a mobile app, a social media page, or a regular website. This is about building a social media community - independent of Facebook or Twitter or any other network - and helping people feel better about their lives, through guided meditation. Mobile apps and Facebook promotion are all important, but they will have to wait until later! First, we must do the core functionality.

We are looking for people to join the team who will:
- Understand what we need, and apply themselves 110%, on an hourly basis, for a few weeks or months
- Have a positive attitude about working hard to make this site look right
- Be able to benefit Lampter in a way they would benefit a project of their own
- Not be afraid to reach out for help to friends / partners if they really need it

If you appreciate privacy, mind altering states, and a hard worker's ethic, then you will fit our team perfectly! A business plan will be shared with a few selected applicants who will be asked to advance further in the filtering process of picking a winning candidate for this gig.

Skills: facebook, twitter

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