Find out the contact info by google search

Find out the contact info by google search


Job Description

Hello - I have an excel sheet - see attached.

I am looking for someone to google search and find the contact information

Can you find and fill Column O, P, Q, R, S and T?

We are looking for contacts in the Community/County under column C and the first preference would be to get a person with the Title similar to what we have filled up under column R. If you dont find that title any city official for that community or county will help.

Hello - We are looking for people from the community and not the service area. For example in this case of line number 277, we need some officials from Tremont community. You search for "Tremont community, IL, USA" and then find a city offcial working there with proper title. from )

All the contacts should be from IL State in USA.

Send me an example of 2-3 contacts that I can review before we assign the job.

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