Applicant Tracking Systme


Job Description

Design of recruitment software - application tracking system based on the community version of SugarCRM

I have had a look at it seems like SugarCRM would be a great base to start with. It has PHP and MySQL as well as a good basic system already.

I will need the following:
Mass import of CV's
Search of all documents.
LinkedIn / social connector to contacts or candidates
Outlook connection - to link communication with candidates and contacts
Mail Merge
Possible hookup with Elastix, in regards to click to dail (maybe save the conversation)
Tasks - All tasks going into one area not two as it is currently in Sugar under History and Activities. Or when Activity is fin it must go into History.
Workflow setup.

This is a basic ATS setup.
What we do different is that we get a lot of referrals. What this means is that a candidate would refer 10 people. We need to contact or email them. Wait for their response, get their CV import their CV. Let them know if they are right.

I would prefer to do most of my work through the software. By this I mean, I would like to email the candidates and contacts rather from Sugar than from Outlook. This must obviously create a history. I've already had a look at a freeware ATS system on Sugar and it looks pretty nice.

I am possibly looking at a Wordpress connector to the job's we are posting to get the candidates straight into the system.

What I can also do is to possibly break it down into 5 or 6 smaller projects. Let me know what you think.

Skills: linkedin, microsoft-outlook, design, import