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Full Time VA


Job Description

Hello Elance.

I am looking to add an integral member to my small team. I am looking for someone with experience in affiliate and web marketing -seo, web scraping, xrumer, seo nuke, scrapebox, etc.... I need this person to be able to take and make phone calls in English because communication is key. Affiliate networking experience is a must. This person needs to be able to scrape email addresses from any website and get my site out to my target audience which is huge. This posting is for a permanent position. A skype interview is required so that we can chat and I can gauge your English communication skills. Scraping and email compiliation to begin immediately and seo to commence after current project is done which will be the end of August. Review the following criteria before applying:

 Website Maintenance/Monitoring
o Graphic design and web programming
o API integration
o Monitor posts, reviews, photos, and products posted by users
 Deny inappropriate materials
• Obscene in nature, combative in nature
 Product sourcing and upload
o Log into worldwidebrands.net
 Enter directory
 Initiate contact
 Send in vendor application
 Receive product files, format, and upload
 Email Marketing
o User scrapers, crawlers, harvesters, and manual processes to collect email addresses for businesses, corporations, schools, teachers, coaches
o Conduct email marketing campaign
 Data entry
 Web Scraping
o Email
o Collect important information
 Take/make Phone call
o Balanced 10% black hat, 90% white hat
 Preferred English speaking ability, Requires excellent English writing ability
 Utilizing existing online content/videos to create unique content to further seo
o Research
o Rewriting articles
o Commissioning the remaking of youtube videos to market

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