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I am looking to make a website, not e-commerce but more like a database but designed well so it can be presented to customers. For example a customer walks into our store and is looking for a short yellow strapless dress. So i would like to make a site which is compatible on mobile devices too which can speed up this process. Rite now we would flip through 100s of paper catalogs to find the customer exactly what they're looking for but with this site we can easily just enter in the filters and rite away it would show us what we can offer the customer in the matter of seconds. Along with everything i would also need it to save the customer searches so when they come back they would not need to do another search again.

The format for the site i would like would be something like at first you would enter in your user and pswd. Secondly clicking "USD" or "CAD" to show which dollar amount should be displayed to the customer. Thirdly clicking which ever filters the customer requires and etc.