Video Observation - watching multiple recorded video files at once, in sync and being able to mark the time with 1 hotkey -- Windows 64 bit \ OCR Video \ .net \ VLC API


Job Description


CCTV reviewing program:

We need a software programmer to make us a Windows application in .net, Java or similar language to watch a bunch of video files on two screens at the same time, in sync. One play, pause, rewind and fast forward button will control all video files. This needs to be compatible with all types of video files that VLC support, if possible. The user will need to be able to click 1 button and it record to a mysql DB on our server the time clicked and the task name.

If at all possible, we would like to later add functionality to OCR the video's top right corner to grab the date printed in white on the video feed or to read the video feed text data. We can use an API of a major vendor's cameras like samsung or trendnet, if needed for testing.

This program needs to work on Windows 8 and 7 64 bit with a decent video card.

Willy G.