Web Based Software Testing

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We need a talented and detailed QA to run testing on a software application and log any issues that are found. The testing will be based on a prescribed testing plan with around 280 tests which will be accessible through a web based test management system. The time estimate to complete the tests is between 13-15 hours.

You'll need to capture the following during testing in our test management software:
* How long it took you to run each test
* If the test passed or failed
* If it failed, which step did it fail and why
* If there is confusion with the test steps, provide details of where the confusion was

We require that you are able to test on one of the following two devices:
*A Mac, with Safari and FireFox
*A PC, with Internet Explorer 9 (No IE 10)

In your message it should include which device you will be able to work on or if you have access to both options.

The application you will be testing is a web based application and you'll have your own instance to test on.

The project will be conducted over the weekend, the project will start on Friday afternoon (GMT -7:00) and be finished by 8:00 am Monday (GMT -7:00). If the project is not completed by the agreed deadline we reserve the right to withhold payment.

We will be running a test run every weekend so even though this is a fixed contract there is an opportunity to receive recurring pay . Also as you get to know the software the test runs will be shorter and shorter but the price will stay fixed!