Transcriptionist - 1 Audio Hour - **Need 24 hours Turn Around Time**


Job Description

Please read full Description and
Instructions before applying for JOB!!!

I have 1 Audio hours of recorded presentations.

**Need 24 hours Turn Around Time**

I will pay $10.00 per Audio hour.

I will give a $3.50 Bonus if you complete it in the agreed
upon turn around time period.

I will have more work periodically for the right person.

I also would like to your turn around time to get this project
back to me?
I NEED a FAST Turn around Time...

Please do not apply for this position if you have NO

Please apply by sending me a note, and answer to the following questions....
1. How soon can you begin this project -

2. Tell me how long it will take you to complete 1 hour of Audio...
***I am looking for this to be completed in the next 24 hours-
the sooner the better.

3. Download and listen to 1-2min of this and make sure you can
understand the speaker

Also to qualify for this you must be willing to submit completed work in
3 portions of 20-min of the audio transcribed while completing the project during the process. This ensures a fast payment...

When you complete the full project you will send the full Transcript.

Also put "1-Hr Audio Transcription" in Subject Line, so I know you
can follow instructions.