Create a User Management System for Administrator to manage User Profiles in a Flash Game

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We currently have a web site for students to login and play a Flash game. Each student has a profile. It will be loaded when the game started. When the game is over or user logout, the profile will be saved. You are going to create a User Management System for Admin user to manage the profiles of the students.

Admin Users can Login the system on an html web site
Users can Create/Delete/Edit Schools.
Each School includes School name (text string), Teacher name (text string), Contact (text string), Start date (date), End date (date), List of Students (table) and remarks (text string).
Users can Create/Delete/Edit Students in each school.
Each Student has a profile includes Student Name (text string), UserID (text string), Password (text string), Class (text string), Gender (text string), CharSet (text string), Coins (Int), Highest level (text string), BoughtItem (text string).
Users can Create the list of student by importing CSV.
Users can Export the list of student as CSV.
Users can Logout the system anytime.
Please make sure the system has good performance & high security.

Prefer Dojo
Current system is in PHP, SQL database