Simple WordPress Job

Simple WordPress Job


Job Description

Job description

Integrate new site layout [ ref. ] with existing wp site.
Mockups will be provided.

-Make counter using font : [ same speed as site and style]

-Make video full screen:

- Go to landing page which is "homepage_KIH_NEW.psd" in NEW MOCKUP folder including other sub pages ( 4 total )

- Please do not delete other pages such as PLEDGE/FUNDRAISE/SUBSCRIBE/LEARNMORE.

- For video on landing page: please use as a video holder until we release video 2.

* please note: Type the paragraphs and wording out, don't use an image for SEO purposes.

- sharethis customization to say "Sometimes in order to bring justice,u have to be the outcast. Watch";

- Create plugin for supporters and friends. Similar plugin is already created for People Who Make Things Happen. You can see the layout example HERE:

-----Should allow me to add sponsors and have it automatically line up horizontally and vertically.

- Create separate email for Donate as a GIFT with the ability to add message and FROM and TO input box.

- Make sure broswers fit on ipad and smart phones.

- Make sure buttons work including pledge page buttons.

Skills: youtube