Freeswitch Development with Lua and phpMyAdmin


Job Description

We need to;

- create xml cdr, collecting all of the information needed for reporting and billing elements. Are these done as one generic data file or do you create it per service on FS server?

- once that is completed, create one collection of specific data from that file which will be inserted into a database specifically fore reporting. Will need to explain the data needed to you and have a test database available for testing the process,

- create another collection of data from that cdr file that will be inserted into another database this time specifically for invoicing - again I have a test database of the structure that will show all the elements that need to be inserted into it.

- explain what is needed to then bring these developments into the live platform.

We would provide access to the test server for database interaction and to the Freeswitch test server to get a full understanding of the Dial Plan of the service in question. Keep in mind this is for a wholesale telecommunication company providing many services to many customers so that needs to be covered.

If you are interested, please let me know a quote of hours for the job to be completed, thank you.

We could of course on this and Skype communications for clarification as we work.

Appreciate it.