Pounds-Wasted Meter/Timer for Website

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Create script for a PHP timer device that looks good. I need to post on our website the number of pounds of food wasted in the U.S. since the beginning of the year.
You can see my own version at http://www.endhunger.org/usa_hunger.htm.
I need a widget to place there that will increase at the rate of 3,042 per second starting with January 1 - just like that one does, but I want it to look good and have comma separators for the thousands. When it now says: 28409943900, I need it to say: 28,409,943,900.
If it can look more polished than what I made, all the better.
I don't mind going into it each year and changing the date for the start of the year, so it doesn't have to re-start itself at zero on January 1, but if it can, that would be good.