PHP Dev for Web App


Job Description

v1 of this app will be completed by another dev group sometime in April, but I am looking to onboard a single developer who will take over the project after launch.

In a nutshell:
LANGUAGES: PHP, javascript/jQuery and mySQL. Front end a plus.
TIME COMMITMENT: 10-20 hours/week, but that is just a guess.
FRAMEWORKS: We are using Fat Free Framework
PLATFORM: Currently running on Heroku, but moving to Elastic Beanstalk and encountering mysterious problems.

Looking for someone who is keen on the idea that Simple is Smart. Trying to keep the codebase and functionally lean. --ish.
Using Stripe, Filepicker, Mandrill, New Relic... and TinyMCE for a lot of the CMS.
Getting great feedback from doctors. I won a cash prize for the business plan and was in an accelerator called StartupChile for 2012. Now at the Blueprint Health in NYC.

The app itself is a tool to create websites. It is targeted at doctors for now. From the front end it is super simple--just choose you design, answer a few questions, and the system pops out a site already done for you. The CMS is GUI style--sort of like User can then map their site to a custom domain.

I am really a designer, but learned to code. Solo founder. Bla bla.

That's the gist. Let me know if you're interested.

Skills: amazon