Corona SDK Game


Job Description

Looking for someone to code a basic one level game for me using Corona's SDK. You can do this using the trail version as I will be adding to the game, I just need the initial template made.

The game will be in portrait with a ragdoll that blows up. Each explosion will be different depending on where the ragdoll is touched, how long it is touched for or if it is swiped rather then touched. The longer before touch is released, the bigger the explosion and therefore damage to the doll. If swiped, then only the limb swiped should fall off, but not burn. The ragdoll also needs to be draggable and a new ragdoll drops onto screen after the previous one is at least 80% destroyed. If the ragdoll is thrown into the air or slammed against the walls or floor hard enough, the force of this should break the doll or parts of the doll apart.

Fire and explosion graphics are the most important and need to look sensational without using too much processing power. Particle Candy might be an option. Blood splatter is also something that could be implemented for swiping across the ragdoll. As the ragdoll falls apart and burns, the body parts should changed to look blackened and burned before finally turning to ash.

The ragdoll body parts need to be head, upper and lower torso, upper and lower arms and upper and lower legs. The idea would be to have 3 or 4 different ragdoll designs, but to randomly select each body part graphic on regeneration. Each ragdoll design should be quirky, mismatched, buttoned eyed style of character.

The initial release will be for iOS. I will port to Android at a later date, so features should be considerate of this, but it is not essential.

Please ask any questions you might have.

Skills: graphics, design