Freepbx Partial Setup


Job Description

I have the latest version of PBX in a Flash (Freepbx) already installed. I need to setup the trunks (all will be using the 8 phone lines.) No internet voip. Just using bell telephone lines.

I have the Rhinoequipment R8FXX-EC-04 card for my 8 pots lines. I purchased the Ceros 3U server from Rhino. They had it all setup but had an old version of Freepbx, so I downloaded the latest red PBXinaFlash and reinstalled.

I need Aastra 6757i to automatically download config file from freepbx server TFTP. I have mac addresses in text file.

I need help with importing 40 users into system, with extensions assigned to them.

You can remote in to my computer which is windows and has putty on it.

This setup is in its own Vlan.

Basically I want it ready to go.

Skills: pbx