Cofounder of StartUp - Front End guy in a team


Job Description

My partner from London (back end senior developer on Java and Node.js) and me from Amsterdam (expert on monetization of large websites and coordinator of the project) are looking for a third membre for our team that takes care of the development of the front end and its graphic design.
This member will have to develop a visually appealing front end that perfectly communicates with the back end bearing in mind that the costs of servers have to be the less possible (web will develop more from browser and less from the servers).

We offer:
-Fix price + shares
-Be part of the founding team of a project born to be scalable and to be introduced to Venture Capitalists.
-Very good working experience in a multidisciplinar team.

We are looking for:
-Needed knowledge of the following frameworks and languages: Twitter Bootstrap, node.js, backbone.js 0.9.2, jquery 1.7.2, jquery-ui 1.9.0, highcharts 2.3.3 or similar, underscore.js 1.4.1, globalize.js 0.1.1, mongoose and
-It is really appreciated experience with graphic design and in java back end.
-Proactivity and willingness to do something great.

To apply:
-Introduction or motivation letter
-Portfolio with examples that you can be the person that suits our team.
-To proof that you read the whole job description write BOOTSTRAP at the start of your application ;)
If you want to know more about the project: Two years ago I had this idea in mind and I treid to develop it with several teams but it did not work out until I met my parther who is committed to make a top-notch java and node.js web app of it. Our content is going to be completely automated and this means it is a low fix costs idea which could be profitable from very early stage. We want to do something successful with a considerably low budget. I work in online marketing but I studied Finance and Entrepreneurship and he is a freelance but he worked in many projects for very big corporations. We are looking for the perfect match for us. If you think it is you, feel free to apply.

Skills: twitter, design, marketing, finance

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