Create 3D model of Police Car Spaceship


Job Description

My animation company is doing a short movie about a high speed chase between a police car and a suspect in a sports car. Here's the twist - the chase occurs in space.

The job is to create a 3d model of a 1980s Plymouth Gran Fury Police Car with square sirens on top. The car should be textured blue everywhere except the sirens which should be a blue and red glass, and black windows that are reflective. However, since the scene occurs in space, the car needs to be modified for space travel. In particular, the model should have no wheels and the body of the car should not have wheel wells. The back of the car should have a spaceship engine(s), the exact details are up to the designer. The car's interior need not be modeled. Since this model will be rendered many times in animation, excess detail is not required (i.e. polygon count should not be near 1,000,000.)

The modeling does not have to be done in Blender, but the final product has to be able to be imported into Blender 2.65 and display properly. After completion, my animation company will retain ownership and all rights to the content produced.

Skills: blender