Paralegal / Draft pleading / attorney

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Job Description

Need a qualified paralegal / drafter of legal pleadings to draft a motion to stay a lawsuit. We recently tried a jury trial on an unlawful detainer (eviction). We represented the defendant, and we lost the trial. We appealed, and the judgment is stayed pending the appeal. We have another lawsuit pending in the same court system (Riverside County Superior Court), a civil case, in which we are the plaintiff, which involves much of the same issue. In addition to that, the judge in the eviction case excluded much of the issues that were in the the civil suit, which affected the jury's decision, which is part of the basis for the appeal. Approximately 7 month ago, I tried to get the two cases consolidated (which would have brought them into one lawsuit), and that request was denied. That is the major basis of our appeal. Now I need to apply for an order to stay the civil case while the appeal on the eviction case is pending.
Conflict Check Information:
Our clients: G. Albert Hreish & Total Educational Activity Model Corpq
Adverse: Doran Andry & Riverside Global Strategies.