UI Designer: Pimp my Android & iOS app

UI Designer: Pimp my Android & iOS app


Job Description

The UI designer in this role will be responsible for tricking out mobile apps with the latest features from the Google Maps API. You will be working with partner app UIs and delivering mocks that incorporate Google Maps in a way that blends seamlessly with the existing design language.

You should:

- Be a power user of Google Maps
- Have an iPhone & Nexus 4 (or comparable Android device)
- Be familiar with the design paradigms on Android vs. iOS

This role is great for a designer looking to build out their client portfolio and get exposure with a Fortune 500 company.

To apply for this role, please send a mock of how you would incorporate Street View into the existing Zillow mobile app on iOS & Android. A successful execution will build off of the app's existing design and architecture, blending in seamlessly with existing UI elements.