iPhone App: Maps with GPS and location push notification


Job Description


I'm looking for someone that has prior experience creating a similar iPhone app.

Perhaps cocoa touch/objective-c would be good for this - I'd like your opinions.

To summarise in a paragraph the app will allow the user to see where they are on a map, and see which bars, restaurants are nearby. If the user is in specific range of a 'preset' location they get a pop up (push notification) notifying them of a 'special offer' - they then have to present that to the location to claim it.

Each location can be clicked by the user for more information such as name, phone number, address, maybe a photo - and if possible user reviews (which we can moderate!).

We need to be able to add, edit and delete the specific 'bars and restaurants', and also add any 'preset' locations. So that would require a back end or fairly simple code that we can edit (we have decent experience with code!).

You can see a fair similar example of it on the web here:

Of course, the example above no 'special offer' if nearby and no reviews. If the review section is a large chunk of this work then we can leave that for a new revision later down the road :)

So that's it!

If you've done something similar get in touch as this could be the start of a long term relationship - we have many apps similar to this that have to be created and we're always great to work with!

We also need some info on if this will be allowed by Apple.

Please apply with relevant info to the job in hand :)


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