Price Comparer / Shopper needed

Price Comparer / Shopper needed


Job Description

To whom this may concern,

I am the owner of Illuminatus LLC, we have currently added a dropshipping model to our company. Currently we buy and sell items online.My company is rapidly expanding but needs to find more inventory to add to our dropshipping business.

We need someone who is adept at finding items in ebay and comparing it at the multiple websites that I will be presenting.

We sell anything and everything as long as it is profitable. As such you will be on your own after I show you a few strategies for finding products.

I am only one person, I do not have as much time as I want to look for deals. This presents great opportunities for yourself as well, because you will have the ability to also sell these products yourself as there is lots of space in the marketplace to sell.

We have more than 1 opening. You must be able to meet a quota of 50 profitable products a month in order to qualify for this job.

The pay is a fixed $150 per 50.

We will talk about the pay in an interview.


Patience and the ability to learn new skills
Basic math skills for calculating net,gross, and return on investment %
Someone who has basic excel skills
Observation Skills

What you will be doing:
Price comparing between sites
Recording the URL, SKU on seperate sites,Prices on each site, net profit on each site, ROI on each site

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