*NEED* eBook Writer for "Guide to Science Fiction" - *FAST* Payment!

*NEED* eBook Writer for "Guide to Science Fiction" - *FAST* Payment!


Job Description


I need an experienced ebook writer who has experienced or interest in writing an overview on science fiction literature. See details:

- Min 75 pages (250 words per page)
- You will be provided with a formatting template
- Review attached questionnaire
- Proposed outline is below:

Sci fi for fans a – comprehensive guide
Good old sci-fi quality (Major part)
Cultish sci-fi and authors (2. major part)
Aliens in the universe- boring fact
Bonus chapter:
How to analyse a book

PAY: $187.50
DUE DATE: Sunday February 10th

Knock this out of the park and I will get you ebook assignments every week...most of my writers make $200-$400 per week.

- Aaron

Skills: science, ebooks

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