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Seo Changes


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*I found your pages have too many meta keywords
Reduce or optimize your meta keywords, they are useless
Because Meta keywords has no influence on website positioning in search results.
the meta keywords should not appear to be Spammy, it affect SEO

Limit them to only 2 or 3 or 4 or ...... describes your very main content.
You can Safely avoid the use of meta keywords tag by removing all (no meta keyword)

*Some of your website pages have too long and some have short meta descriptions,
meta description shows in search engine results as a description of page
and it should encourage the viewers to visit your site.
your meta description should contain characters between 70 and 160 with spaces.
Describe your page using Your Important Keywords naturally in meta description
Also, each page should have a unique meta description relevant to the content of that page.
It is an Important Factor of search engine optimization.

*Your pages do not have any headers, add header tags because
headers are very important for search engine optimization.
Headlines of text content should be structured using HTML headings (<H1> to <H6>).
pages should contain most important <H1> for main headings,
and also <H2> for sub-headings of your webpage
Structure your content using Headers in appropriate way
Use your Keywords in headings and make sure the first level <H1>
includes your most important keywords.
For effective seo, use only one <H1> tag per page.
Never duplicate your title tag content in your header tag.

*Your site lacks a sitemap.xml file, add a proper xml sitemap
A sitemap consists all the webpages URLs of your site, that are available for search engines crawling
It is very important to have a xml sitemap,
for helping search engines to crawl the site more easily and intelligently
and for index new pages in search results.

* Use the ALT attribute to describe accurately each picture.
The alternative text attribute allows you to assign a specific description to each image.
It is also a factor of search engine optimization
the text of the alt attribute appear as a small pop-up box when the user places their cursor over the picture.
And use your keywords in Alt to optimize your website,
add alternative text so that search engines can better understand the content of your images.
And so they also can appear in Google Images search results.

*Text to Html Ratio
Your Pages needs more text content, (with All Your Keywords)
the TEXT/HTML ratio is the ratio of the number of characters of plain text to the page's HTML code,
expressed as a percentage.
For Better SEO, Every page's ratio of text to HTML Should be Mininum 14-15 percent, And Above
you can also use this tool for checking:

*You are using frames in your site, frames are not good for seo
Frames can cause problems to search engines
they are also making your website works slow. Avoid use of frames on website.
when you use a frame to embed content,
search engines do not associate the content with your page (it is associated with the frame's source page).

*Many pages have very little amount of text content
Make sure that the text on page was not less than 250 words.
to be index in top search results, your pages should have more and more relevant text...300, 500, 700 words
with all your important keywords repeat after 50-100 words in your text content.