Update file names

Update file names


Job Description


1. I will provide excel sheet with our model numbers and descriptions.
2. I will share through dropbox all images with specific folders.
3. Within the folders are images that are titled with only our model number.
4. We need you to match that model number with the excel sheet with model number on it as well as description. What we need changed is that every image files needs to start with, "Atrend Enclosures" and then the model number would come after a - MODEL NUMBER then another - and then the description needs to be copied from the excel sheet. After description everything needs to end with speaker box. (See example below)

For example, one of our image files right now is titled 12DQ (this is just a model number), we need this look like this after completion of this project

Atrend Enclosures-12DQ-12" Dual Sealed Speaker Box