Wordpress Plugin Extension

Wordpress Plugin Extension


Job Description

Create two Extensions for a paid wordpress plugin.

The plugin I bought is DEALS Plugin

With this plugin you create deals of products, services, etc..and you pay for those deals through paypal.

The first extension I need will:

- Instead of making the purchase through payal the extension will allow to create a unique QR code that will have all the deal details inside it, including the person info. This way the buyer can print the QR code, take it to the store, the person in the store can scan it and accept the deal in-store.

The second extension will:

- The plugin already allows to make purchases of digital products, but only for downloadable digital products. With this extension I want the ability to sell access to content instead of just downloads. For example: I am going to sell the ability to post articles in the website, they purchase a package of one or several posts, so I would like to setup the number of times they can access or the dates they can access to that particular page where the form is, and after that number is done they can't access the page anymore. (Of course the link should be encrypted).