Sales pitch for email shot

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We are 'Clinical Hypnotherapists' in the UK specialising in helping people
reduce weight,
stress relief / feel relaxed without stress,
get better sleep & make decision making easier for future plans.

Our iPhone application has recently been released on the market and no
marketing has been done, yet we are gaining sales just via word of mouth.
It can be seen by visiting the following page:
More detailed information about the app can be found at the page below:

We want to use email marketing to spark interest in the usage of the
app. The target demographic for this email will be:
"UK Therapists of all kinds, who have an iphone or ipad" and are curious
about seeing an example of app that is used to do several hypnosis treatments"

We want to spark interests in the therapy community via a personalised
email sent to each therapist or clinic.

1) a QUOTE / Business Proposal
We want a 5 sales pitches writing which will entice people to buy this app.
Further work maybe provided depending upon the success rate of the
sales pitches, that are used. This will be done for a variety of target markets over the long term.

The application also helps people feel relaxed without stress and helps people sleep more easily and continuously. The app can also make decision making faster in regards to future plans.
At the present time the app is free for 2 more days after which it will become a 'paid' app i.e. it will not be free.
If you are interested in a challenge to achieve more success,
we look forward to hearing from you,
Mr Hira

Skills:, marketing