Team Tracker Maintenance

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Job Description

Team Tracker Maintenance
The Institutes is looking for a PHP developer experienced in a WAMP (Zend) environment to provide maintenance support for a small intranet application. Team Tracker manages a database of teams, members and roles working on company initiatives. Team Tracker was developed by another ODesk vendor on the CodeIgniter framework that completed development but did not deploy on the production server. The application code is 98% complete and tested. Team Tracker was based and designed after the attached spreadsheet sample. A small number of fixes are needed immediately but Team Tracker also needs a few enhancements.
Phase I Steps:
• Obtain log-in credentials for server and Safenet Mobile Pass token activation
• Get familiar with environment and application. Maintenance will be done on production box until application is deployed.
• Correct two known problems
o Links to controller pages do now work (e.g. http://localhost/teamtracker/team/teams).
o Strtotime function fails on pages, date.timezone issue.
• Help cleanup data and update production database with team member revisions based on production spreadsheet.
• Help support application launch and post launch bug fixes.

Phase II
• Create Ldap integration with windows domain controller to synchronize employee database of about 150 employees with list of potential team members in the MySql database. This job can run once daily to update new employees.
Phase III
• Ongoing support as needed.

Skills: intranet

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