Powerpoint presentation


Job Description

set of 12 PowerPoint slides for a presentation:
Discuss beliefs—how they are developed and how they are expressed.
What they are, how they are developed and how they are expressed.
Describe one of your personal beliefs about each of the following: 1) God/God's nature, 2) Human/Human nature, 3) Human Health/Well-being, 4) Environment, 5) Nursing
Use one slide for each and a second slide to provide a brief clinical scenario which illustrates its importance in practice. Use false names or initials only to identify the nurse(s) and the patient(s) in your clinical scenario.
For each clinical scenario, include a question in the speaker's notes by which to stimulate audience discussion.
The first slide is the title page; the second shows your objectives; the last slide must include at least 3 references in correct APA reference list format while the slide before the last should present a conclusion or summary, possibly including a discussion question.
Remember that any directly quoted information should:
be in quotation marks
have a complete reference on the same slide, using smaller font.
Enter speaker's notes (4-6 sentences) on each slide that outlines what you intend to say wth the slide. The space for speaker's notes is right below the slide itself on each screen. Do not record voice with your presentation.