CSS/JS Guru Sought for Rush Job

CSS/JS Guru Sought for Rush Job


Job Description

(large item removed, price changed)

This is a mostly-CSS project.

You should be able to accomplish most of it offline, and then upload your CSS to my back-end when ready. You'll work with me, via remote control-- no direct access to my back-end.

Please, no beginners, no guesswork.

No permanent position available. No long-term contract available. This is a one-time project. If I am happy, I will definitely use you again in the near future, but no guarantees. I'm looking for a long-term freelancer for help when i need.


Not a rewrite, not a redesign. If you prefer to do a table-less rewrite of the template, that's OK.


The site is bayviewfootprints.org. It's built on MODx (MODx experience not required, i'll teach you).

The problems are:

-Page elements move around while loading.
-The sidebar completely fills empty pages, and even some non-empty pages.
-Content-to-Sidebar ratio need adjusting.
-Need to tweak JS image-scroller/slideshow.
-Need to widen blog rotator inside 3-panel section (or you may suggest a different rotator)
-Need to code CSS sprite.
-Need to code up HTML template with places for Image, description, map, tips, PDF, feedback, and media uploads.
-a few additional, similar items.