PDF Javascript Form modification


Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: I Will only pay up to $50 for this job. I have ammended the job post but it has not updated.

I have 6-8 PDF documents already precoded but need some adjustments. The PDF forms do not work correctly due to new code been added to the javascript on the SUBMIT button.

Its not the hardest thing in the world but what would take me many hours, may take someone 20 minutes for them all.

The modifications need to be applied are properties on the SUBMIT button on all the forms > Actions tab > edit the java script.

There are 3 sections that require assistance:

Department, Position, State/Country. As you can see in the code, they are all miss-communicating with each other and not linked and also some other code is missing.

In Positions, in all PDFs, please remove the following as they are not needed/modified: Administrator renamed to Charter Admin, Remove Business unit Manager and Remove Site/Contract Manager.

Positions section should only show whatever is linked in the Department Menu. A rough mspaint photo has been drawn up of the DEPARTMENTS and to what should only show when they are selected can be provided.

The way the submit form should work is the PDF gets attached to an email and automatically adds the TO recipient which it drags from the STATE field.

That is already in the PDFs may just need correcting a little. All the email addresses associated with per state should be in the PDFs already.

The same modifications need to happen throughout all the PDFs.

Skills: pdf