Expert Copywriters | Electronic Music Production Equipment

Expert Copywriters | Electronic Music Production Equipment


Job Description

If you send me a generic application - I will NOT hire you. EVER.

If you can't spell check your own application, you will not be considered.

Now, that we go rid of the weirdos, lets get on to the fun stuff!

I'm looking for a small group of copywriters who can create expert content for our company blog and a whole lot more.

Let's call them expert guest contributors and "thought leaders"....with a twist.

I want people who can write helpful articles on music electronic music production of the top of their head.

IE: Tutorials, tips, tricks, advice on topics related to music production.

People that understand the industry and have relevant experience as a producer, artist, mixer, engineer etc...

I want passionate writers who have a teachers heart that can understand the audience and deliver value with every word. Writers who can write as a professional with authority for audiences of various skill levels.

You words will reach thousands of up and coming and elite professional artists, producers all over the world. There are some amazing opportunities for you to meet and interview some of the top producers in this business.

I want to introduce you to them, have you interview them and publish the content on our website. You will be given 100% creative liberty. You have a world-class team to support you and distribute your content across the globe.

We are looking for people who love music. Who would do this kind of work for free. Those are the kind of people we will pay.

There is more compensation to this assignment, than just the money. It also includes free equipment and some amazing connections in the music Grammy winning artists, super producers and major A&R execs.

I actually do NOT want people who are solely motivated by money. Of course you will be paid, but it will be on a generous recurring revenue share basis, in a way that the better you do personally, the more you will be paid. The better the content the more traction it will get - the better we can promote it.

We are looking for life-long partners where we can all grow together through to love of making music.

We work hard to make it simpler for people to make better music - we are looking for people who feel the same way.

If you are the right person, you're heart is racing right now. So go ahead and apply. If you are not, that's ok too...we wish you the best.

To learn more about out our company visit

This person should read, write and speak English fluently. Fluency in other languages is plus, since our products are sold worldwide. Other language proficiency is something that will be useful in later stages of our plan - but is not a prerequisite at this time.

You should feel comfortable interviewing celebrity personalities.

If you own and use a BEAT THANG drum machine you get bonus points.

You probably have a whole studio full of gear. You probably make music. That's a big plus.

We like to have fun.

We like to make money.

We love to make music.

We love to help people.

Are you a BKE Thought Leader?

If so, tell me why?

Skills: english, producer, audio-engineer