Short Sale Phenomenon Needed

Short Sale Phenomenon Needed


Job Description

I have a property my wife wants to buy and is in the process of being a short sale. The Real Estate broker is a pompous ass and need to by-pass her to make this happen.

I could die in the time these people take to get this done. I need to make this happen quickly due to winter coming on and the ass@#%@# haven't winterized the house yet.

What a joke. So needing a superstar SHORT SALE person to help me make this happen.

REPLY BACK WITH ************** SHORT SALE PHENOMENON *********** as the first phrase in the subject line.

Next give me a detailed account of the process and how you are going to get me my house.

I have everything in order including the downpayment financing etc.

Let me know how to make this work without the DAMN RE lady from hell.

Would pay hourly for this either to guide me through it or for you to do it.

I know the banks information so this should get the ball rolling. Thanks in advance.

Lastly put down experience for me to know why you over everyone else and lets make this happen!


PS I am thinking of getting into this game as I got a large inheritence coming so if can do this would want to do additional properties as well.

Looking forward to meeting Mr/Mrs Right...

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