Full time Assistant Project Managers URGENT!!!

Full time Assistant Project Managers URGENT!!!


Job Description

Assist the Project Managers to have right people in the right place at the right time, to enable the organization to “move it forward” and produce GREAT creative work – on time, on budget and as efficiently as possible. As an Assistant Project Manager, you must be able to service one to two Project Managers on managing all assigned projects to work on for Leading US Software Development Company.


1. Work with PM as liaison/communications hub between all team members who may touch an assigned account/project
2. Assist the PM in managing each step of the creative development process from project kick-off to final deliverable on multiple projects as assigned
Open all project job numbers and enter project information into agency database
3. Set up and run all necessary key touch-point meetings in the process including weekly status meetings
4. Generate detailed schedules & timing plans (from creative development through delivery) and manage schedules throughout the life of each project.

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