iOS / Android/ HTML5 Mobile App & Web Server Application Developers

iOS / Android/ HTML5 Mobile App & Web Server Application Developers


Job Description

About us :
We are a group of four founders with extensive experience in high-tech who have decided it’s high time to develop a killer platform for consumers at home and abroad – which will make people’s daily lives easier.

We’ve got the idea, the wire frames and the business model.

What we need are developers, specifically a Lead Developer/Architect as well as ambitious developers to complete our team that will build and launch the platform, initially in London, with a view to expand internationally.

This will be a high-volume platform that will provide services to large numbers of users around the world, as we grow and if the platform and experience meets our aspirations.

If you’re looking for a dynamic environment, either as a technical co-founder or an early member of the development team, now is the time to come and talk to us. We’re looking for participants as well as potential co-founder(s) within the development space.

High-level Description:
We need your help to create a set of cross-platform apps that cover iOS and Android (multiple form factors) as well as HTML5.

The corresponding Google App Engine server-side platform is also in scope for development.

Key Responsibilities:
• Work with the founders and designer to refine the platform and interface specifications
• Create iOS, Android apps and HTML5 web apps with exactly the same high quality look, feel, and function across multiple form factors
• Create the server-side business logic and web interface based business reporting engines
• Design and maintain recurring regression analysis/testing, bug fixing, and escalated support

• Proven experience and track record – show us your success(es) in the world of cross-platform App development and/or server side development, portfolio/examples are a must
• Show demonstrated knowledge and skills of: Java, Perl, PHP, Python, X-Code, Eclipse, Git, NoSql, Javascript, XML, JQuery
• Cross-platform development experience for IOS and Android to a high standard of quality
• Previous examples of delivery re: server-side capability, preferably within Google App Engine (GAE) or similar

It doesn’t matter if you come from a large corporation, a small shop or are an individual ninja developer, what we ask is that you’re driven, passionate and committed to a ground breaking project

If you are new to the workplace, show us what you have done during your degree or formal training that demonstrates your knowledge and ability to learn fast!

Sound interesting?

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