Web Market Research


Job Description

I am looking for someone to do reoccuring market research for me.

I am managing multiple sites and E-book development projects and am in need of someone to help me find profitable keywords as well as exploitable niches within broad domains.

Domains include:

The research will be geared towards finding profitable niches revolving around specific demographics and catering towards the above domains.

Summary reports with statistics and demographic prototypes will be needed for particular ideas.

You will be paid on a per idea accepted basis. $5-$10 per idea accepted as a base point.

Think of it as an onstaff job. You will be asked to research a particular domain and find specific niches and E-book ideas that could be profitable.

Some Ideas of the research I am looking for:

Step 1
Find profitable idea. - look for something that people are willing to spend money on
Think of all the things you do on a daily basis
Be cognizant of products you use and frequently complain about
Check completed listings on eBay

Step 2 Is there a big enough pool of prospective buyers?

Find $1,000,000 worth of customers within market segment
ensure your market isn’t shrinking, and that it fares well compared to similar markets.

Step 3 Assess your customer’s value

calculate the value of those customers
calculate average total cost of ownership
TCO = value of product + (value of maintance * life exectancy of product)

utilize the TAM formula (a.k.a. Total Available Market formula) = (Number of available customers) x (Value of each customer) = TAM
If TAM > $1,000,000, profitable idea

Important points of the report should include:

Your responsibilities will include:

1. Market and keyword research
find and analyze profitable markets. Facts, figures, trends, analytics.

2. Provide Specific problems this market niche has (ex. health freaks - how to get great abs in 2 mins a day)

3. Know whether market is willing to spend money or not

4. provide pros and cons for going ahead with this idea. i.e. potential problems, emerging trends, etc

5. Develop a prototype of the market demographic (will be explained once hired)

6. Create coherent summary report of the above points

I am looking for someone who will give me the facts. I don't want a bunch of fluff and false promises. I need someone who is competent and will tell me whether, yes or no, if a particular idea will work.

If you feel confident in being able to fulfill these expectations, please feel free to apply. I look forward to working with you.


Skills: research, ebay, keyword-research