personal assistant


Job Description

hello i want to introduce myself , im che n. from queens and work in nyc. Im a future and upcoming inventor that has a patten coming out at the end of the year , im just doing my homework in advance. Imma need a assistant for some simple tasks . W the proper qualifications imma need a assistant for the following duties. After closing my deal at the end of the year im buying a medium size house. Imma need a assistant to let in the contractors in the morning , imma need u to scan their id's upon entry and monitor who's coming in and going out w id scanning upon entry each time .Theres going to be a flow of people running through my new home and i just need a set of eyes on whos coming in and so have you . I also plan on getting a dog so nice 3 hour walks w lunch incl. will be needed. After the contractors have done their jobs and all of them have left then my furniture will be delivered and i need you to let in the delivery guys and chandelier guys when they come ,i might be pulled off on another tasks . There might be times i need a dinner date or movie date as well as yes u will be compensated well for your work , thank you and i will be contacting you when its time , sincerely che n.

Skills: virtual-assistant-skills